Press Release

Millions planning to start new businesses in 2019

Millennials, African Americans are most entrepreneurial Americans

Washington, DC (December 31, 2018) – Sixteen-percent of Americans say they are likely to start a new business in 2019, while millions more are planning to change jobs, according to the Job Creators Network/ Weekly Pulse, released today.

“Millions of Americans see better opportunities for themselves next year,” said Elaine Parker, President of the Job Creators Network Foundation. “People are confident in the economy and in their own futures.”

According to the Pulse, 55 percent of Americans say they are least somewhat likely to search for job opportunities next year. Forty-one percent say it’s likely that they will change jobs in 2019.

Thirty-four percent of Americans say they are likely to buy a new car next year, another indication of personal financial security and economic confidence, according to pollster Scott Rasmussen.

“Buying a car is a major investment. Most people don’t do it unless they feel good about their own personal financial circumstances,” he said.

The Pulse found that 62 percent of all Americans say they’d prefer to run their own business over working for someone else. Among millennials, that number jumps to 75 percent. Meanwhile, a majority in every racial demographic wants to be their own boss. African Americans, however, lead all groups in wanting to run a business with 78 percent. Seventy-three percent of Hispanics, 70 percent of Asians, and 55 percent of whites say they’d prefer running a business over working for someone else.

“Running a business is very challenging, but there’s no other occupation that offers as much personal freedom and potential for upward mobility,” said Parker. “It’s the American dream, and according to our data, it’s alive and well.”