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New polling reveals disconnect between what Americans think Democratic presidential candidates support and their actual platform

The data also shows that only 10 percent of Americans watched the entire debate, which was spread out over two nights

Washington, D.C. (July 3, 2019)— Despite every candidate on stage during the second night of debate raising their hand in support of providing health insurance to illegal immigrants, new polling from the Job Creators Network/ Weekly Pulse reveals that only 27 percent of Americans believe that to be true. Incredibly, 16 percent of respondents think none of the candidates support government-funded health insurance for those crossing the border illegally.

Additionally, while only 10 percent of people watched every moment of the first set of Democratic presidential debates, 40 percent of Americans didn’t watch a single second. The data also finds that 90 percent of Americans correctly believe some of the Democratic candidates support repealing the 2017 tax cuts legislation.

“The mismatch between what candidates believe and what Americans think they believe is worrisome considering that the country’s electoral system is rooted in having an informed public,” said Elaine Parker, President of Job Creators Network Foundation. “The American public remains unaware of how the policies promoted by this field of candidates represents a march towards socialism.”

This new data confirms that economic confidence has rebounded. 52 percent of adults rated the economy as “excellent” or “good.”

Pollster Scott Rasmussen commented, “There was a notable dip in economic confidence a month ago. But that appears to be behind us. Earlier today, the Labor Department reported that jobless claims are continuing to fall—exhibiting the continued strength of the U.S. economy.”

Economic polling questions are below:

How would you rate the U.S. economy today? Excellent (16%), Good (36%), Fair (32%), Poor (14%), Not sure (3%)

Is the economy getting better or worse? Better (35%), Worse (24%), About the same (36%), Not sure (6%)

Okay, how would you rate your own personal finances? Excellent (15%), Good (38%), Fair (30%), Poor (15%), Not sure (2%)

Are your personal finances getting better or worse? Better (34%), Worse (15%), About the same (48%), Not sure (4%)

Are companies in your area likely to be hiring new workers or laying off existing workers? Hiring new workers (46%), Laying off existing workers (20%), Not sure (34%)

For historic data on these economic questions visit:

Download full crosstabs of this week’s questions:^J-2019.xlsx

This poll of 1,066 US adults was conducted July 1-2, 2019. For more information about the Job Creators Network please visit