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Weekly Pulse: Confidence Rebounds After Three-Week Dip

Americans bullish on the economy, job prospects, according to Job Creators Network/ tracking survey

Washington, DC (December 6, 2018) – Fifty-six percent (56%) of Americans said the economy is strong, a marked improvement over surveys taken in recent weeks, according to the Job Creators Network/ Weekly Pulse, released today.

“Compare that to what’s happening on Wall Street,” said Elaine Parker, President of the Job Creators Network Foundation, referencing the stock market’s steep slide this fall. “The computers that do the trading on Wall Street see a very different economy than the one that most Americans are experiencing.”

Job seekers are optimistic as well, according to the monthly data. Twenty-eight percent (28%) of part-time workers are looking for a full-time job, the survey found. Within that group, 78 percent feel confident that they’ll find the opportunity they’re seeking.

“Americans see this as a good time to find a new job, and based on the fundamentals, they’re right,” said Parker.

The biggest mover in the survey this week was the number of Americans who gave the economy a rating of excellent. An average of 12 percent of respondents over the past three weeks said the economy is excellent. This week, that figure jumped to 16 percent, a 33 percent improvement.

“We noted last week that confidence had fallen off noticeably from the survey average. This week it rebounded, matching the survey high,” said pollster Scott Rasmussen. “We’re seeing broad satisfaction with the economy that hasn’t fallen below 50 percent in the last 13 weeks.”

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