Press Release

Weekly Pulse: Stock Market Turmoil Doesn’t Rattle Most Americans

Majority says economy is excellent or good, according to Job Creators Network/ survey

Washington, DC (December 13, 2018) – The number of Americans who say the economy is excellent remained unchanged even after another turbulent week on Wall Street, according to the Job Creators Network/ Weekly Pulse, released today.

“Americans are a lot steadier in their confidence than Wall Street investors and financial news analysts,” said Elaine Parker, President of the Job Creators Network Foundation.

The Weekly Pulse found that 16 percent of Americans rate the economy as excellent, unchanged from last week. Thirty-six percent of Americans say the economy is good, slightly lower than last week but not significant.

“The stock market’s ups and downs have dominated the economic news coverage. Nevertheless, our index shows very little movement when it comes to how Americans see the economy,” said pollster Scott Rasmussen.

Fifty-one percent of Americans say their personal finances are excellent or good, also essentially unchanged from last week.

“Most Americans are invested in the stock market in one way or another, mostly through their retirement savings. Despite what’s happening to their 401ks in the short term, it hasn’t had a substantial effect on the way they view their personal finances,” said Parker.

Slightly fewer Americans this week think that companies in their area are hiring. According to the Pulse, 43 percent of respondents believe businesses are creating jobs, compared to 46 percent last week.

“Between the stock market turmoil and the US-Chinese trade war, news about the economy has been nearly hysterical. The message that we’re getting from average Americans is, “’calm down, everything is fine,’” said Parker.