Weekly Pulse ·September 11, 2019 New Poll: Majority of Americans Are Uninterested About Third Dem Debate 79 percent are unsure or don’t know when it will take place

Weekly Unique Questions

Every week, JCNF and Scott Rasmussen poll Americans about unique, timely issues that are essential to business owners and job creators.

September 11, 2019 Politics Socialism

31% of Americans don’t know if any Democratic candidates lean towards socialism

September 11, 2019 Economy Socialism

Surprisingly, 23% say socialist policies are good for small business

September 11, 2019 Consumer Activity

23% say they’ve never shopped at a small business or eaten at a locally owned restaraunt

September 11, 2019 Economy Healthcare Politics

Only 22% of Americans would like to see the economy as a topic of focus in the next Democratic debate

September 11, 2019 Politics

60% of Americans say they are unsure of when the next Democratic debate will be